With the right tools, enterprises can expect a 50–70% reduction in cloud migration cost—from months to a few days. If you are in the process of cloud migration, you will find that it can be a challenging and stressful task. It often requires a large amount of time and resources due to the tedious nature of work. The worst part is to take into account the Downtime and Data-loss

Whatif you don’t need highly skilled resources to do planning and preparation and still get the migration done with less time and no Downtime and Dataloss? The automation comes to the rescue here!!

Cloud migration is often a multi-step process that includes discovery, analysis and planning, and then implementation. A cloud migration tool that is able to automate these steps and ensures the accuracy of data migration is a lifesaver.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go with automated cloud migration rather than do it manually



The first and most important benefit of automating your migration process is accuracy. Manual migration takes time and effort, which means that things might get missed here and there. Automated migration process has built-in checks for every step so that no detail is missed. This ensures a high level of accuracy throughout the entire process.



It doesn't come cheaper to have someone with migration expertise do the job for you. IT companies charge high for this skillset, which can add up quickly if they encounter problems while migrating your data. With the automated cloud migration services, you pay a one-time price for the entire process, which in turn saves you money in the long run.



Migration takes time and if a service provider’s charges are on the higher side then it can cost you a fortune in slow progress, which will end up costing you more than what you paid them initially. Automated cloud migration tools have a fixed price attached and most of the time are not variable to migration time.


Outdated Documentation

Migration projects that involve moving a legacy system to a newer platform are typically large and complex. Many enterprises, when undertaking these projects, find that they have incomplete or inaccurate documentation, which can lead to errors in mapping data during the migration. Cloud migration tools can comfortably delineate the lineage of ETL, EDW and other dependencies.


Handle Enterprise Legacy Environments

Enterprise legacy environments are huge with loads of data and lines of code. You can actually get a sense of how big your data warehouse is by taking a look at the size of the database. One of the first things to do when you’re planning your migration is to determine how much data you have. Expecting to migrate this manually is a daunting task. A cloud migration tool comes to the rescue here. It can not only migrate the entire environment with ease but also with the highest accuracy.


The Highlight

Every cloud migration is unique and a standardized migration tool may not solve the entire purpose Here tools like Togglr can be very handy. Togglr’s AI based cloud migration and management platform applies human-like skills at every stage to ensure a near zero-dataloss and downtime experience. Whether you want to configure-your-own-server (CYOS) or bring-your-own-server (BYOS) the cloud migration tool handles it with the same ease.


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