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About Us

We provide business insights and expertise from our business consultants, through our core capabilities of cloud using technology, to help your organizations make better informed decisions for productive and profitable results.

Our digital services data platform incorporates continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to migrate, modernize and manage multi-cloud for their organization.

Togglr Migrate

Allows you to easily migrate physical, virtual and cloud workloads to and from any environment with minimal risk and near-zero downtime with finely tuned automation at every stage of the process.

Togglr Recover

Data Protection - DRaas solution, it helps you to keep critical systems online during a disaster with a push button cloud failover, securely replicating critical systems from your primary environment to the cloud.

Togglr Safe

Automatically and securely copies data or Backup of your all files or capture changes to one of our cloud storage data centers.

Togglr Manage

Togglr Infrastructure Management Services helps to manage your diverse IT environment, along with providing maximum flexibility.

Togglr Multi-Cloud

Enables and manage two speed information technology consumption, DevOps and monitoring with cloud transparency around AWS, Google, IBM across asset usage and costs.

Why Choose Us
as Your
Cloud Partner?

Experience and Skill Set

Certified experts across multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM) and next generation tools

Automation Framework

A framework that accelerates clients’ journey to multi-cloud

Integrated Multi-Cloud Offerings

Pre-integrated offerings across services covering strategy, move, build and manage functions

Automation, Machine Learning & AI

Provides intelligent recommendations and automation leading to secured, faster and cost optimized migrations


Key Features

We provide unified, self-service experience to users for data migration and data protection, which enables businesses to deliver superior customer experience and accelerate digital transformation.

Technology Agnostic
Technology Agnostic

Discovery, plan and
migrate any technology
platform from any vendor

Global Compatibility
Global Compatibility

Deploy local and offshore
resources from purpose
built delivery centres

Location Agnostic
Location Agnostic

Migrate from anywhere,
to anywhere - Traditional,
Hybrid and Cloud

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Intellectual capital
created specifically for
migration projects

Our Services

An overarching migration and management services to help you achieve enterprise goals by enabling the Cloud Operating model for digital enterprise at speed and at an optimized cost.

Multi Cloud Migration



Easy to migrate physical, virtual and cloud workloads to and from any environment with minimal risk and zero downtime of data, applications and systems.

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Hybrid Multi Cloud Migration


Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Integrated single management operations system to consume, orchestrate and govern digital services from multiple providers to create modern enterprise architectures.

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Unified Platform

A Unified Platform for All Your Data Needs

A walkthrough to understand our platform for you to make the right decisions for your business - to execute data migration from any cloud provider to any other cloud provider or on premise to cloud or cloud to on premise.

Our Packages!

A partner for your journey to cloud. Find and Subscribe to the right plan for your business.