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Our AI Platform is built with a foundation of continuous data protection, with built-in orchestration and automation capabilities for you to scale your enterprise and to safeguard your data, along with saving time, resources and big bucks!


Our agentless replication is kept up-to-date on the migration target offering you the ability to move within minutes and supporting one-to-many replication to deliver an uninterrupted customer experience.

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Valuable Business Decisions

Easily move virtual machines to a new hardware infrastructure


Speed up cloud adoption and data protection


Consolidate data centers or move workloads between public clouds


Key Features

Convenient and Adaptable Console for Migration, Configuration and Management
Seamless Data Migration from Source to End Target
Systems Migration For All Cloud-based Platforms
The ability from Lock-in to Any Specific Hypervisor, Cloud Vendor or Hardware
Data Migration and Data Protection

Data Migration and
Data Protection


Why and How?

  • We deliver workload migrations, disaster recovery, data sharing and high availability across multiple operating systems that could be on any hardware and on any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment.

  • We utilize real-time replication to prevent data loss with minimal performance or bandwidth impact.

  • We enable fast recovery to secondary servers in the event of a planned or an unplanned failure at the primary site.

  • Our platform also enables different database platforms to seamlessly share and consolidate data in real-time for proactive business-critical decision making.

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Digital Service Management Platform


Our superior cloud management platform will aid small and large enterprises to make valuable and profitable business decisions, that will in return break the traditional business culture and push through to the digital world.

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