What makes more sense for an enterprise?


Employ a Single person who will single-handedly and simultaneously manage all departments like Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing and HR.


Employ a team of skilled manpower resources who can stay focused on their respective departments to contribute to the cumulative growth.


The key is distributing the workload, such that each of the departments gets the full attention it deserves. A Multi-cloud environment does the same. It allows you to Distribute, Delegate resources to give that Room-to-Expand to each application and service.

A single cloud environment works great with micro and small enterprises which do not have any scalability requirement. A multi-cloud environment is not only scalable but also prepares you to foresee and plan your future requirements.

With a single cloud environment, Infrastructure Availability outweighs Actual Utilization whereas with Multi-cloud this gap is always going to be less as most of the models are pay-as-you-grow.

A single cloud is more like “All or Nothing”, if the system crashes, everything goes down with it. With Multi-cloud the possibility of everything going down at once is highly impossible and thus the risk of downtime.



A single cloud environment certainly needs less skilled manpower compared to that of Multi-cloud. The most common perception is that enterprises need to hire highly skilled resources deployable round-the-clock to manage the multi-cloud infrastructure. Given that this not being the core business focus, enterprises are discouraged to move forward. Here organizations like Togglr offering 24x7x365 Managed Services play an encouraging role. The managed services empower enterprises with access to a large pool of highly skilled resources working round-the-clock for them.


The journey of moving from one Single cloud to another is not so easy. With the naked and hidden vendor lock-ins, things can get difficult, at times discouraging for enterprises to make a move, evenif they want to! With Multi-cloud the Autonomy is always with the Enterprises and making a move relies only on them and nothing else.




With the pandemic, the increase in demand for remote environments is driving the enterprises leverage the power of multi-cloud not only just to scale-up but to scale-up securely for the longer run!. With the sheer variety of different software solutions available today, Multi-Cloud Computing has evolved into the most effective & most economically viable solution to IT requirements. Being No-Hassle, No Complexity solution, Multi-Cloud Computing allows each business to make better use of their IT investment.