Cloud Data Protection has become an important element for businesses as they opt to store data in a cloud rather than on-premise. Enterprise level companies  have huge sets of data ranging from general to highly confidential data and are storing it in secure cloud environments. Cloud is an environment of software and hardware resources in the data centres that provide numerous services via the internet as per client requirements. 

Data security is a major issue that many organisations face. As the data is scattered across devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, etc, a privacy breach is a serious concern. Due to inconsistent data access records and scattered information, companies have no way of knowing when the data was accessed or who accessed it. This increases the risk of data theft, leaks & vulnerabilities.. 

Cloud Data Protection enables companies to safeguard their data across multiple cloud environments and helps identify malware, data defects, risks, and security threats. It's incredibly helpful in detecting and preventing data loss. Companies can also define access policies accordingly to protect their data. 


Data Security 

Data security in cloud computing refers to a set of security measures used for safeguarding cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure. Data Security is essential for user and device confirmation, data privacy protection, and access control. 

It was found that 95% of data breaches are caused due to human error. Cloud security heavily focuses on data privacy and safeguarding crucial business information. Cloud Environments use encryption methods, algorithms and protocols to secure data saved in the cloud. Cloud security comes with its benefits like reduced cost, increased uptime, easy data accessibility, and centralised data security. It reduces ongoing operational costs and helps to quickly identify and tackle potential data defects. Cloud security provides authorised users quick access to the company data and applications. Companies today are depending on cloud storage more and more. Cloud security offers reliable solutions for data protection that are preferred by businesses all over the world. 


Being a secure environment for data storage, 94% of enterprises have shifted their data operations to the cloud. While some of the businesses use public clouds, some use private clouds and some organisations opt for a hybrid cloud solution as well. It is expected that 83% of business workload will be shifted to the cloud by 2023. Adopting a Cloud service can make your operations easier and reduce the threat of data loss and theft. Togglr helps set up a secure Cloud Environment for your business that is adaptable, flexible, and reliable. We specialise in deploying a perfect cloud solution that is in perfect sync with your organisational goals. 

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