Companies have focused on elevating self-centered benefits, like fast shipping, to satisfy customers. How do customers feel about their world of convenience? By some measures, they’re less happy than they were 20 years ago.

Human beings are social animals driven to make decisions based on their need for affiliation and the wider impact of their choices. Today’s customers live in tumultuous times. Disinformation campaigns, social isolation, wealth inequality, climate change, and political unrest surround them. As a result, they want to align their purchases with their values. Consumers appreciate experiences that spark delight. They love experiences that spark hope.

This is not a new phenomenon but a trend that has slowly climbed from niche to mainstream. In 2017, 52% of consumers said they actively consider company values when making a purchase. That number continues to grow. While lower-income earners may not be able to buy in accordance with their values, the desire for values alignment is steady across income brackets.

In 2020, executives will attempt to give customers what they crave. The results will be mixed. Some companies will provoke ire by making surface-level commitments. Others will misjudge how to best express values. Companies that do succeed will co-create values-driven experiences with customers and employees. They’ll pay careful attention to authenticity, both in the values they choose to express and how they express them.