Discovering and documenting all the components of your infrastructure as well as their relationships and dependencies is known as the process of discovery. You determine which applications or services you intend to migrate to the cloud platform during the discovery phase. Migrating a complete company is not a good idea, and is also not encouraged. As a result, the discovery phase is a critical phase for Migration.

During the discovery phase of the cloud readiness assessment, you'll get all the information about the discovery and analysis of migration. You must understand and have clarity on the migrating VM and the target host, before you can migrate it to the cloud. Togglr will meticulously discover the apps and service inventories at this phase, mapping their dependency. When deciding to transfer on-premise VMs to Cloud, it's critical to come to an agreement on the criteria and dependencies.The standard approach for live migration of Virtual Machines is discovering and assessing migration environments. Identifying the order in which components need to be migrated will assist us in mapping, devising, and implementing the rest of the virtual machine migration process. Togglr aims to develop a better understanding of existing environments, apps, roles, features, and workloads to be migrated before moving forward with cloud VM migration.

  • Infrastructure

Not all of your company's IT processes will benefit from or be compatible with cloud migration. You need to identify all of your workloads as cloud compatible or non-compatible, and to label all assets according to numerous cloud compatibility aspects of security, workload, and compliance. Otherwise, you risk squandering funds on activities that will suffer rather than thrive in the new cloud ecosystem.

As a prerequisite to migration, valuable data for VM Cloud infrastructure must be discovered and evaluated. The underlying infrastructure should be examined and compared to current features and applications. Togglr provides intelligent infrastructure migration solutions for a smooth infrastructure migration to the cloud during this cloud migration readiness evaluation phase. Togglr looks into all aspects of infrastructure migration, including scalability, automation, security, monitoring, disaster recovery, and ways to avoid errors. How well the infrastructure is audited and executed is critical to a smooth and cost-effective transition to Cloud.

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  • Security

Togglr needs to take this step to protect client relevant data during cloud migration and security. Information and applications must be secured along the cloud readiness assessment journey, which includes discovering and assessing any security flaws. For security devices and management, Togglr employs centralised security solutions.The application of security policies for both national and international security is adhered to in a systematic way. Togglr looks for vulnerabilities, allocates resources for remediation, and handles any exemptions. As part of the security readiness for Cloud migration, information and IT assets are also checked for compliance.

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  • Platform Compatibility

This phase defines whether the proposed Cloud Platform is compatible with existing or targeted applications and tools for migration. It can be difficult to determine what to transfer within the framework of Platform compatibility. Togglr takes a unique approach to this evaluation. At this step, significant efforts are being made to evaluate the IT assets, dependencies, and system architecture in order to ensure a successful Platform migration. If this stage is assessed by experienced Cloud service providers like Togglr, seamless migration compatibility can be achieved.



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